The lost and insecure

I've thought a lot about what my first "real" post should be about (Always thinking about something way too much and then not doing it is so normal for me). There was my new favourite TV-Show 'Secret Diary of a Call Girl' as an oppurtunity or also the music I am listening to. But I thought I should first tell you more about myself. You're not interested to hear something about someone you don't even know at all.

Of course my name isn't really glitzerbitch ('glitzer' is the german word for 'glitter'). I don't wanna tell my full name but at least you could call me Bambi. I live in a cute little city in the south of Germany and somedays I really love it here. At other days I just wanna get out of here.

This year will be my last school year. I'm sixteen now and after my graduation (still afraid to speak it out loud, bad luck, you know.) I will work in a bookshop. I've already worked there (getting paid with book vouchers is something I really like!) for a few saturdays and I honestly think this could be my dream job. But before I should think about this I should get through my exam. My biggest problem in school is math. Math and me will never work well together. It makes me feel like being so stupid and actually I just don't understand what I will need all those things for (I'll never have to calculate triangels again. Not in this life.) German and English, my two other exam subjects are okay. I were always good in German and for English I'm writing this on english even if I always had a B in. Honestly this year is making me scary. There are so much things to do that I don't even know how to get prepared for this. (And this is the first time were you can look at the title of this post and say 'Ah! Now I understand why she did choose this as title.')

Also being away from School is making me nervous. This was one of the biggest part of my life in the last years and I feel a bit lost while imagine not to see my friends every day. In one second I feel so grown up because graduation and in the next one I want to be ten years old again where life was much easier (and without triangles to calculate).

I like much things. I like the dark red nail colour on my nails right now. I like books. I like talking and being with friends. I like watching TV and listening to music. I really like my mobile phone. I like history (as a subject and just something to think about.)

I don't like good-byes even if they aren't for a long time. I really don't like spiders. I don't like People who like to play with others. I don't like SpongeBob.

Okay, I think this is enough. For the second post. (In truth I don't want to write another 'I' and I'm scared of making you run away if I will go on.)

What do you write at the end of a post? Goodbye? See you? Well, just insert whatever you like most here.

for once again

Umm, okay, I started writing this post like three or four times but did delete it everytime because I don't really know what to write in this (kind of a "Welcome! Don't be scared I'm not that strange"-) post. Well, once I've posted my fanfics here but somehow I stopped writing anything and after thinking about I then deleted the fanfics. I always wanted to blog more about myself and I think this is the 'chance' to do. Kind of a new start, also because I want to write again but more free, own stuff that could be posted here somewhere in the future.

So, that was about the blog's background. About me it would be enough to know that I'm a sixteen-year-old girl from Germany but I think that's a bit too less. I like reading, watching TV-Shows and listening to music. I'll graduate this year (if I will hopefully get through the exams) and then plan to work at a book shop. I'm blogging on english because I'd like to be more safe in this language and maybe (hopefully) this blog will help me with that.